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From and the publisher of The American Lawyer, Unprecedented is a biweekly podcast about the future of law. San Francisco-based journalist Ben Hancock interviews experts and newsmakers about how technology and other innovations are changing the law and the legal profession. Topics have included hacking and privacy law, third-party litigation funding, legal data analytics, and autonomous vehicles.

Sep 15, 2017

Duration: 44:45

For an institution that is supposed to appear at all times above the fray, it can get tricky when members of the judiciary decide to accept a Facebook friend request or even just retweet a news article. A set of federal and state appellate court decisions over the summer offered some guidance on...

Sep 13, 2017

Duration: 39:31

When Eric Goldman started practicing law, the Internet was a different place from the one we know today: a world of dial-up bulletin boards and web precursors like “Usenet” and “Gopher.” The legal aspects of cyberspace were murky at best. “I joined the Cooley Godward firm in Palo Alto in 1994...

Sep 13, 2017

Duration: 22:08

The legal profession is hardly immune to the changes being wrought by technology. And Stanford University’s CodeX Center—a partnership between its law school and computer science department—has been a significant contributor to those changes in recent years as an incubator for legal tech startups....

Sep 8, 2017

Duration: 28:36

Attorneys trying to keep up with the legal landscape surrounding transfers of data between the United States and the European Union have had their work cut out for them the last few years. First, the U.S.-EU “Safe Harbor” framework was scrapped by the EU high court. Just as that was being patched up...

Sep 8, 2017

Duration: 22:50

The Internet of Things has a certain allure. You can set your home at just the right temperature, or ask Alexa about the First Amendment. But if there was one takeaway from the Mirai botnet debacle that weaponized over a million internet cameras, it was this: a lot of these devices have serious security...