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From and the publisher of The American Lawyer, Unprecedented is a biweekly podcast about the future of law. San Francisco-based journalist Ben Hancock interviews experts and newsmakers about how technology and other innovations are changing the law and the legal profession. Topics have included hacking and privacy law, third-party litigation funding, legal data analytics, and autonomous vehicles.

Mar 30, 2018

Hello Unprecedented listeners. We’ve been in the process of transitioning this podcast to a new home and a new format. From here on out, you can find future episodes of Unprecedented over on the Legalspeak podcast, hosted by’s Vanessa Blum and Leigh Jones.

Every three or four weeks, I’ll be dropping in with a dispatch from the intersection of technology and the law. Instead of focusing on individual conversations, going forward I'm hoping to go out and get lots of different voices to talk about how the law and the legal profession are grappling with technological change, and bringing listeners along for the ride.

For my first episode, we’re getting a crash course in artificial intelligence and the law, featuring conversations with people in different quarters of the legaltech industry I’ve spoken to over the last several months. That episode is live now. You can subscribe at any of the links below, or wherever you listen to podcasts:

Apple Podcasts (iOS devices)

Google Play (Android devices)


Thanks for listening and I’ll hope you’ll be tuning in to Legalspeak soon!